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Master Plan Digest: Sustainability at Friendship Court

The redeveloped Friendship Court site will be sustainably designed and highly energy efficient. As new technologies emerge over time, Friendship Court will look to best practices in energy efficiency to build into the plan.

Initially the site will have low-flow water fixtures, photovoltaic solar panels, smart sensors to measure consumption, a commitment to reuse of materials, rainwater capture, high-efficiency electrical and mechanical equipment and designs that reduce heat gain and cooling loss.

Additional measures may include geothermal energy, infrastructure for solar power and net metering (under the assumption that the site and its buildings could feed energy back to the power grid). Programs, financing, rebates and tax credits are being researched to figure out the best combination of elements for the site.

Energy efficiency has a direct connection to enhancing affordability and residents’ quality of life, in terms of both health and finances. A 20% reduction in the cost of utilities across the entire site—easily achievable—could fund additional units and create the possibility for more resident services or amenities.

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In our next Master Plan blog post, we’ll examine parking solutions for a mixed-use urban site.

Source: Friendship Court Redevelopment Master Plan, December 2016 – Master Plan Proposal (The Plan: Sustainability)