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Light House Studio Partners with Friendship Court’s Youth Leadership Team

lighthouse with zoe

On the heels of the Virginia Film Festival, where many youth present their film projects they have participated in through the Adrenaline Film Project, is a story about aspiring filmmakers that make up the Youth Leadership Team at Friendship Court.

During the summer months, Light House Studio partnered with the Youth Leadership Team at Friendship Court to teach them self-expression through the art of film.  Zoe Cohen, former managing director, worked with the youth as part of an ongoing program entitled Keep It REEL, which is offered to youth in Charlottesville’s local community centers and schools.​ In addition to teaching the youth many diverse technical skills (cinematography, lighting, editing, and sound design), Zoe worked with the students to develop soft skills for the job market.  claudette being interviewedfilming day

The Keep It REEL workshop, which is a focus on documentary filmmaking, began with a discussion about the types and stages of filmmaking. The Youth Leadership Team watched a variety of short documentaries to learn about camera angles and how different framing affects what the filmmakers wish to convey to the audience. Viewing and discussing documentaries also taught the students the valuable skill of critiquing. This process also helped them gather ideas for their own films. The subsequent three sessions were dedicated to brainstorming ideas, writing interview questions, as well as learning about the equipment and how to work as a team. Once pre-production was complete the group began production – working as a crew to film each other’s mini-documentaries. The youth took turns as Director, Camera Operator, Sound Recordist, Slate Operator, and Interviewer.

Zoe said, “It was exciting to see the range of story ideas from personal stories to short films about hopes and dreams for the future of Friendship Court.” The Youth Leadership Team worked very hard during their final stage of filmmaking: editing. Students spent many weeks editing their documentaries and learning how to craft their story, in addition to adding sound, music, and titles.

Javisha editting

The Light House Studio program concluded in October with an intimate celebratory screening at Light House Studio’s Vinegar Hill Theatre where they got to view the final projects they worked very hard to craft.

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Light House Studio Holds 15th Annual Youth Film Festival Featuring Friendship Court Film


August 26th marked the day for Light House Studio’s 15th Annual Youth Film Festival.


Light House Studio hosted its 15th Annual Youth Film Festival at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville on August 26th. The event featured short films produced in collaboration with community partners, including Friendship Court.

The Friendship Court kids worked with Light House Studio to create Keep it REEL, a documentary about 3D printers.  Several of the young filmmakers attended the festival along with Piedmont Housing Alliance’s Friendship Court Activity Coordinator, Tory Twitty and Sheri Hopper, community outreach assistant.

Good news: Keep it REEL has been selected to be screened at the National Endowment for the Humanities’ History on the Silver Screen: Student Film Competition Screening Thursday, September 15th at 5:30pm at Vinegar Hill Theatre. The screening is open to the public and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Judges will choose the best documentary films, and the winner will receive a $500 prize, as well as VIP seating at a screening and Q&A of Freedom Riders at the September HumanTies Forum with award-winning director Stanley Nelson!

Way to go Friendship Court and Light House Studio!

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