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Master Plan Digest: Massing — What Size will the New Buildings Be?

When architects talk about the general form and size of a building, they call it “massing.”  What will the indoor and outdoor spaces feel like? How will the building shape the neighborhood around it?

During the master planning process for redevelopment at Friendship Court, several factors came to light which shaped the proposed building massing:

  • Residents’ desires and aspirations for future housing choices, which include apartment living with elevator access as well as townhouse-style housing with front doors and stoops
  • Piedmont Housing’s commitment to no displacement of current residents during redevelopment
  • Residents and stakeholder goals of improved connectivity between Friendship Court and the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Residents and stakeholder goals for more active streets and first floors
  • The need to work around the existing Pollocks Branch infrastructure
  • Construction costs
  • Development economics

To replace the existing 150 Section 8 units, add additional affordable units, and provide market-rate units that help subsidize the affordable units, the massing type that emerged was buildings of 4 to 6 stories. The building heights nearest to 6th street will be adjusted to 3 stories, in order to be more sensitive to the scale of neighboring homes in Belmont.

Active first-floor uses (including offices space for Piedmont Housing, resident amenities such as an indoor basketball court, and resident services) are located along 2nd Street, the extended 4th Street and Hinton Avenue.

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In our next Master Plan blog post, we’ll discuss the proposed mix of retail and community space alongside residential units.

Source: Friendship Court Redevelopment Master Plan, December 2016 – Master Plan Proposal (The Plan: Massing)