Courtyard Captains

Myrtle Houchens, Friendship Court Advisory Committee member and former Friendship Court resident, is working with residents to promote leadership opportunities through the concept of courtyard captains.

The role of a courtyard captain is to communicate and represent their courtyard by getting information out and receiving information back. As the redevelopment proceeds, it is important that everyone understands the ongoing commitment to preserving and improving the affordable housing for all current residents.

If you have any feedback to share, please contact one of the courtyard captains listed here.

Angela Brooks Advisory Committee

Angela Brooks, 410F

Sheri Hopper

Sheri Hopper, Unit 416E

Myrtle Houchens

Myrtle Houchens

Crystal Johnson, 414A

Betty Lowry

Betty Lowry, 413A

Daemond Nowlin, 420B

Yolonda Ross

Yolonda Ross, 405D

Tamara Wright

Tamara Wright, 416F