Meet our Community Partner, Tracy Cooper from Charlottesville Parks and Recreation

The City of Charlottesville’s Parks and Recreation Department provides residents with opportunities to attend skating parties, holiday markets, and craft parties. There are various recreation centers around the city.

Employees like Tracy Cooper staff these facilities and are here to engage and support the community in various capacities. Tracy is on site at the Friendship Court Community Center on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4 till 8 p.m. That means she is on deck for the throngs of kids who descend upon the center in the after school and early evening hours.

Tracy is in charge of engaging around 18 kids of varying ages in dancing, games, and crafts. “They’re most interested in making slime,” says Tracy, an activity common to all kids, “and even on a slow day, they all show up around dinner time.” Tracy likes to coordinate outings for the kids, whether it’s swimming in the summertime or field trips to the Music Resource Center to record songs the kids have written themselves. The Friendship Court community is grateful to Parks and Rec for this service, and for Tracy’s care for the kids.

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