Master Plan Digest: Connecting Friendship Court to Other Neighborhoods

Connectivity through Friendship Court and the creation of a greenway are both priorities highlighted in previous planning efforts. Many residents feel disconnected from the surrounding community. The existing fence prevents easy access to and through Friendship Court from neighboring areas.

Redevelopment will involve building new internal streets that connect to the existing street grid around Friendship Court. 4th Street will extend across the site to Monticello Avenue; Hinton Avenue will extend across the site to Second Street; and Belmont Avenue will continue across the site as a pedestrian way that connects to 4th Street.

This new street network creates more traditionally scaled downtown blocks than the previous internal streets. Instead of belonging to one development project with a single address, new buildings will take on the addresses of the streets they face: residents will live on Garrett Street, Hinton Avenue, 4th Street SE, and so on.

The new streets will be designed as active, pedestrian-friendly environments. 4th Street will incorporate ample sidewalks and green infrastructure in the form of landscaped beds to create a north-south “greenway” through the new blocks. Other streets will be lined with residential front doors and civic spaces.

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In our next Master Plan blog post, we’ll see how several factors affect the proposed massing (size and shape) of the new buildings.

Source: Friendship Court Redevelopment Master Plan, December 2016 – Master Plan Proposal (The Plan: Connectivity)

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